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Our History

Hunt Drug opened in March of 1959 by John Hunt who was looking to fulfill his long-term dream of becoming a local pharmacist. Many successful years would follow as Mr. Hunt always has loved his job as a pharmacist, mostly enjoying talking with people and helping them with their problems.

Dave Kohler, previous owner, arrived as an apprentice in 1976 and stayed on board ever since. Taking ownership in 1991, he prides himself in his business philosphy to serve the community as best as possible. Hunt Drug has expansive offerings in cosmetics, sundries, gifts, snacks and the pharmacy.

"Hunt's is no big, confusing box store. It offers convenience, service, long hours, wide aisles and outanding employees." Kohler says.

Over the years, the pharmacy at Hunt's has expanded its inventory, extended hours, continued its devotion to hiring knowledgeable staff members and added delivery services.

​What really differentiates Hunt's from any other store, according to Kohler, is the employees, "They are the heart and soul, and have everything to do with our success."